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Guest Posting: Why It is Effective SEO Strategy?

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1.What Is Guest Posting In SEO?
2.Does guest posting still work?
3. What Are The Benefits of Using Blogger Outreach service?
4.How Effective is Blogger Outreach?
5. How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities?
6. Conclusion

What Is Guest Posting In SEO?

Guest posting or guest blogging is the act of crafting selling copies for other companies or websites to support their brand. A guest author finds, identifies sites that accept guest posts, sends a pitch, and if they meet the required criteria, their content can be published. The site a writer decides to write for must be relevant to their niche for both the publisher and author to benefit. 

Guest writers produce content for similar but authoritative brands in the same industry with different intentions. Some look to influence traffic to their website, improve domain authority by linking their site to authority websites through external links, market their brand credibility, and network with industry peers. 

Does guest posting still work?

Mostly, guest blogging is beneficial to both the guest blogger and the host website. If you decide to take the guest blogging path, you should be ready to accept guest authors on your website or blog. You can use blog outreach as a strategy to network with peers in your industry and market your brand.

Blogger Outreach Techniques

It may sound illogical to produce content for another brand, mainly because it is already established. However, if you are still building your brand, blog outreach is crucial and one step closer to making it to a higher ranking. Blogger outreach is about communicating and forging relationships with influencers or publishers to achieve specific goals. Here are some plans.

  • Content marketing and proper use of SEO 
  • Influencer marketing – network with influencers in the industry and build valuable partnerships.
  • Public Relations to increase brand awareness by exposing it more.
  • Create partnerships that promote your brand to bigger audiences.

You can drive massive traffic to your business by collaborating with the right bloggers will bring forth success to both parties. Identify relevant bloggers in your industry and use content to promote your business. 

Because your audiences are similar, you will benefit by having a new audience read your content which is even better if you offer readers valuable content. In a nutshell, blogger outreach is knowing your audience, where they visit most, then building a relationship with them.

Blogger Outreach Service as a Marketing Strategy

Collating with other bloggers is not all it takes to market content. If you cannot take the entire procedure head-on, outsource blogger outreach services to do the same. They are blogger outreach services that send pitches, find suitable targets, and reach out on your behalf to get secure links to your blog and boost your influence.

Benefits of Using Blogger Outreach service

  • Get links from established websites – They reach out to authoritative blogs within your industry create links that head back to your blogger so that your blog can tap into their audience as it boosts rankings.
  • Hands-off for you – The whole process of blog outreach is cumbersome and time-consuming. 
  • Forge new relationships – You develop new relationships with influential bloggers and similar brands in your industry.
  • Influence traffic and authority: Outreach services bring forth guest posting opportunities which drive more traffic from search engines.

Blogger Outreach strategy

Set clear goals

Your blogger outreach strategy needs clear goals to carry out an effective campaign. Goals guide you through a specific path leading to success. Answer these questions as you set your goals: What do you wish to accomplish? Sales, increase brand awareness or credibility, or build backlinks? Once you have the answer to these questions, act SMART. Make Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based decisions focusing on your goals. 

Define your success criteria

Now that you have clear goals, you need to find a way to achieve them. Work with the right bloggers, bloggers in your industry, and authority domains. There are many factors to consider when identifying the bloggers to network with, like niche, goals, and traffic. If backlinks are your primary goal, consider guest posting opportunities, domain authority, and spam levels in these three steps:

Audience Engagement: Pay attention to how much a blog is engaged with its audience by evaluating these two areas:

  • Comments: Does the blog have an audience that leaves comments?
  • Social shares: Is the audience engaged enough or pleased to share the content on other platforms?

Know Your Targets: Having explicit knowledge about your target bloggers will assist in making a list of quality bloggers in your industry. Use a Google spreadsheet to make your list.

Find your prospects’ email addresses.

Once you have a list of prospective bloggers, get their email addresses for proper communication. The process may be daunting if done manually, but technology has simplified the process by availing tools that can aid you in making a more straightforward but successful process.

How Effective is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach or influencer marketing coalition businesses and bloggers to craft selling copies. Companies provide their products samples to influencers, who provide reviews after sharing with their audience. 

How Blogger Outreach works ?

The blogger outreach process is not complicated if your brand resonates with the audience. You contact the shortlisted bloggers asking them to endorse the content and include a link back to your website. For this reason, your choice of bloggers should be relevant to your niche, a solid following to form a backlink strategy with value. 

Whatever your brand, service, or product, getting influencers to help sell your brand will not be an uphill task because they love free stuff. Influencers are available for all niches, and your primary mission is to engage one which is worthwhile to push your brand forward. Blogger outreach is an essential marketing strategy for all businesses if you work with the right people. 

Guest Posting in SEO

Writing content for another person to build their brand may feel one-sided, but guest posting is an essential part of content marketing for your brand. You get backlinks to your content and external links to better sites with bigger audiences. It is a win-win situation for the guest author and the publisher, not to mention the impact on SEO. 

Guest blogging is a marketing strategy where the guest author benefits from backlinks, a wider audience, and external links. If your content gets published, your name will appear, a picture, and a link to your website. Websites that permit guest contributors have guidelines that each guest blogger must adhere to publish their content. Note that different sites may have varying approaches, but most are similar. 

  • You are not allowed to write direct sale pitches within the content about your company. Whatever you write must be information that adds value to readers’ lives. 
  • Content must be relevant to provide solutions to readers.
  • Meet the word count 
  • Follow the formatting guidelines offered to you and your writing style.
  • Some sites don’t allow direct links to your website, but within your bio only. 
  • Be sure to submit within the given time to allow for revisions and correction by the editor.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

First, it’s essential to understand the benefits of guest blogging as a whole; then, we’ll get into the specifics of how to get started. Here are some of the many benefits of guest blogging in general. Here are guest blogging benefits.

Grow Your Network

Guest blogging is a marketing strategy that networks professionals within your industry. This way, both the host site and the guest author establish a symbiotic relationship. The more you write guest blogs, the more you market your brand, increasing your network. 

Having the opportunity to influence more authoritative audiences with great content is a massive score for you. Be sure to reply to comments promptly, satisfactorily, and ask them to share the content on other platforms if it is helpful.

Increase Social Media Followers

Today social media is changing everything. Therefore, you need leading content to influence new followers. You can share the guest posts you write on your social media handles as a way of marketing. When the host sites publish and share your content, you will automatically tag you, hence again for you since new followers will know about you.

Gain Authority

Associating with authority domains earns trust and credibility for your brand. Trust begets loyal customers. Getting responses from your small number of loyal followers is easy, but it becomes a big deal if you get comments from a guest post. You are getting authority in your niche and winning over new followers. Guest blogging puts you on the map for search engines to rank you better.

Create Brand Awareness

Brand voice is crucial, and you can build it through guest posting by crafting high-quality content. Once readers get to know your voice, new and old readers will identify with you. Guest posting is your golden chance to showcase your writing skills and market your brand to the world. 

Backlinks are the visits you get when readers click on the link you embed in your below on a guest post. Search engines keep track of these visits and rank you according to how many clicks you get from the link on your bio. The search engines’ surge in your findability tells your content is valuable to readers; hence, they rank you better. 

Boost Direct Traffic

Authority sites have a massive following, and guest bloggers are lucky enough to tap into that audience. The mere fact that you write for such a big site shows that you are worth the salt, and they will end up looking for your brand. Guest blogging for SEO purposes wins you organic traffic through backlinks.  

How Guest Posting Works?

Once you decide to write guest posts, take the steps towards making it happen by finding sites that accept guest blogs and pitch for the opportunity. Remember to mention why you are a good fit to write for an established site, as it will increase your chances of landing the opportunity. Here are the proper steps to follow:

Build Relationships

Before taking the step to write guest posts, first forge relationships with relevant bloggers and professionals in your industry to broaden your reach. 

Read the Rules

The site that accepts your guest blogging request has guidelines to follow to get published. Look for their policies before making contact to present yourself as an informed writer, and you will be able to pitch better.

Do Your Research

Do extensive research on the site you wish to guest post for to show the host sites that you can write good content for their readers. Learn who their target audience is, where they hang out and what issues they like addressed. You will know if you have what it takes to impress their audience.

Pick the Right Time

Every market has its peak season; a factor you should consider when sending pitches. Here are a few factors that can influence your application. 

  • After you see a mention by an influencer por a big company.
  • If by any chance a blogger mentions your product in their content. 
  • When a site is actively inviting guest authors 
  • Immediately after a site publishes a guest post

Sell Yourself

When creating a pitch, factor in what you can offer the site to bridge a gap in their content. Check out previous guest posts and base your pitch on those that weren’t covered by last guest bloggers or past content that’s done well. 

The Importance of Guest Posting

Since guest posts are published on competitor websites, you may feel reluctant to give them you’re all. However, you should shake off that lazy feeling and seize the opportunity to market your brand using the competitors as a stepping stone through guest posts. The options that come with guest bogging are monumental for SEO and here is why you should invest in guest posting.

  • Get to introduce yourself and your brand to a new audience, increasing your brand credibility and awareness.
  • Your brand gets more trust because it provides value to customers. Guest posting creates a network with related sites, allowing you to showcase your skills in the industry.
  • You get more organic traffic through the content you publish. Traffic fuels the success of a website, and its effects can run for years. 
  • More backlinks to your website, a significant SEO influence for better ranking.

How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities?

Guest blogging will amass backlinks from top-ranking websites within your niche to your blog effortlessly. The need for content is constant, and most bloggers will embrace the offer immediately. Here is how to find guest posting opportunities.

  • Make a list of websites you would like to guest post for 
  • Find out which sites within your list accept guest bloggers
  • Ensure that you shove aside the competition factor and settle for the best sites in your niche. Yes, they are doing better than you, but you are about to tap into their success.
  • Don’t settle for less but take the challenge to the next level and engage big sites or brands, but don’t cast the net too deep to avoid being ignored by all your choices. 
  • Go ahead and send a customized pitch to your sites of choice and wait for a reply.
  • Once a response comes, follow their guidelines and do your best. If there is non-coming your way after a week, you can send a follow-up email they might have forgotten about you.

Guest Posting Service

It helps to build backlinks to your website through another website in the same niche. Getting authority sites to link to your small site is an uphill task, but guest blogging is an effective solution. You provide content for them, and in return, they share your content or mention your brand on their social media accounts. 

In the end, you gain more followers and authority, and the brand grows. However, if this feels like too much work, you can employ a guest posting service to do the heavy lifting for you. They do all necessary research on your behalf, select the sites to send pitches for you, then eventually write a guest post for you, including links to your site at a fee. 


It is essential for every website owner since it builds a network of related sites, hence getting backlinks quickly to grow your site. The rewards of guest blogging are massive for both the guest author and publisher hence the need to give your best. Look for ideal opportunities to guest post, and don’t forget to extend the same opportunity to others once your brand becomes an authority. 

If you are interested in guest blogging, find the blog outreach opportunities and get on it to grow your site or sell your brand. Backlinks are powerful enough to put you on the first page of search engines, but this will depend on your writing quality. Ensure that the content is high-quality and relevant to your brand for those backlinks to keep coming. The more visits your site gets, the better chances you rank better on search engines, and the new visitors will know you as an authority in your niche. 

Finding guest posting opportunities is not difficult as long as you have the Google browser. Once you shortlist sites that accept guest posting, pitch for the opportunity in a personalized way bearing in mind that bloggers or publishers get such emails in hundreds, and yours must catch their attention. However, if the entire process feels cumbersome or time-consuming, you can opt to use a guest posting service, and all your needs will be met at a fee.

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